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Commercial film series for ETAS · 2022

Building the Software-Defined Vehicle.

In the age of new mobility, vehicles are fully integrated into the digital world. This enables more connectivity, automation and personalization.

Following on from our 2019 film series, we are making the challenges of software development visible and supporting ETAS with various film formats.


Nothing is more frustrating than the tedious search for details in confusing documents. A developer gets lost in the chaos.

Or is it all just a dream?

EHANDBOOK makes the handling of extensive documentation within the application easier, smarter and faster.

Software-Defined Vehicle

ETAS enables permanent data exchange between the vehicle and the cloud and the continuous further development of functions and services.

In our animated film, we use a drive through the city to show how over-the-air updates can be used to replace and improve vehicle functions.


The film guides through the security mechanisms of this solution with a mix of illustration and 3D animation.

The world presented on a small platform.

The increasing connection of vehicles to the Internet makes vehicle IT more vulnerable. The answer: ESCRYPT CycurHSM.