Menschen die nach oben starren

Multimedia reportage · 2016

"Welcome! Thank you!"

Talks about soccer, weather forecast and the boss again. Or how do humans imagine the first contact to extraterrestrials? September 1995, Bulgaria, Ruse. Men stared into the sky and waited.

The story

The black BMW made its way through the crowd. It first took the 202, turned at the airmen's monument and headed for the small airport building. In the car: Radka, Zdravka and Ekatherina - the three psychics. Tension was in the air. People were streaming to the airport - on foot, by car, on donkey carts, Shtraklevo was ready to welcome the extraterrestrials.

The mediums called the airport manager, who stopped the flights. Even he believed them


Then two dots appeared in the sky.

The press was waiting on the scene, local, national, print, radio, television. Everyone was there to spread the word and save the events for posterity. Nobody expected the overwhelming number of people who arrived at the airport for the rescue mission. People pressed themselves against the wire fences, stared at the sky and waited. It was not that far yet, it would still take more than an hour. At 11 a.m., eight spaceships were to land at the airport and rescue Bulgaria's children. Shtraklevo waited spellbound for their arrival.

A baby carriage stood on the landing area, the president of the envoys should bless the child. After all, they already had the president's approval, they explained.

"And they wear shirts and pants and they eat bread and they have in the spaceships all the equipment needed so that you can reconstruct our Earth piece by piece."

Radka looked into the cameras, looked at the people crowded on the balconies of the airport and shouted:

Believe! Because it is the truth.

Nikolai is a filmmaker, journalist and ex-husband of Zdravka - one of the three psychics. Their joint sons were standing on the airfield, they had brought flowers.
"Why? - Because mommy said that now we will receive the extraterrestrials."

And then Mister Soin - president of the aliens - spoke to Radka

It smells like flowers

Are you not ashamed
for your earth?

"How are we supposed to land if everything is not as described? Everything was noted a long time ago! It should be the president there."