Nice Price

Commercial film series for Sony Music · 2017

Your heart, your sound.

It's the melody that influences our mood, the rhythms that accompany us and the lyrics that express our feelings.

For over two years we realized films for several Sony Music advertising campaigns.

To the end of the world

But there is a gap here. The collection is incomplete, the disappointment great. The search for the last piece of the puzzle begins.

For music lovers, seeing their favorite albums on the shelf is a small piece of happiness. This is about more than just music: CD's are memories, stories and a source of endless joy.

The film was played out in various formats and lengths and shown both as an out-of-home campaign and in Media Markt and Saturn stores.

My Vinyl Love

The crackling and the very own warm sound - a clip for everyone who loves vinyl.

The record has never been completely gone. The revival delights not only nostalgics, but also the younger generation. Music played back in analog as a countertrend to the dominating digital culture.