Commercial film for ETAS · 2023

What if bugs suddenly become far too real a threat in the workplace?

Goodbye to bugs. Hello to happy coding.

Software bugs are not only annoying, they are also a threat to safety and cybersecurity. Our series of short films from the office continues with a story about fuzz testing in the automotive sector. CycurFUZZ brings joy back into the everyday lives of developers.

Duel at the workplace

A noise, something technical, but as if from a rodent. She looks around, scans her monitor.

She knows what this noise means.

As soon as the bugs invade the scene, the difference between the two protagonists, and therefore their respective working attitudes, becomes apparent. While the woman's area seems friendly and modern, the other space increasingly resembles an unpleasant and hectic place, which only regains its structure through the use of CycurFUZZ.

He is a little amused that her – as in his opinion – disorder is causing a bug alarm. Displeased looks are exchanged.

But suddenly he detects a crawling noise in his immediate proximity. How can this be? At his workplace?