Website · 2023

A fine website for high-quality furniture.

The start-up company FABILE from Weimar, Germany, designs and produces high-quality solid wood furniture. The simple design of the furniture conceals carefully selected materials and masterful craftsmanship.

What is true for the furniture is also true for the website. Behind the simple design lies genuine craftsmanship. Nothing is off the peg. Custom elements (so-called Web Components) were developed for color selection, image gallery, and image enlargement. The code is handwritten line by line and based on established web standards. This means there are no design restrictions and the website can be exactly what it should be.

Screen design with machine learning

When the screen design was created, there were no photos of the products. To visualize the style of the photos, Midjourney was used, a tool that uses artificial intelligence – more specifically, machine learning – to generate photos from user input. This not only helped the client better visualize the overall look of the site, but also gave the photographer some initial inspiration.

How the analog communication looks like can be found on