Installation · 2015

In this installation, simple, intuitive gestures are translated into the movements of a drone. How can machines augment humans? What is the right interface between man and machine? Can a machine be possessed by a human, or is it rather the other way around? What happens when man and machine become one?



The human being is. The machine is a thing. Technology emanates from man. He occupies the machine. In order for man to recognize his I, he must communicate his innermost to the outside. It must be mapped in order to be perceived by him again.


Black box and interface

Communication between man and machine is possible only through interfaces. Man and machine have different interfaces. Not every interface can be operated by the counterpart. The signals require a translation between man and machine and thus entail the loss of information. The more direct the mapping from man to machine and from machine to man, the more intensively the ego is stimulated by the flow of information.
Humans have learned various cultural techniques for communication: facial expressions, gestures and language. Machines are complex entities that cannot be readily understood. Therefore, the user is provided with certain interfaces for communication: Interfaces.

Feedback, perception and feeling

Humans and machines create a feedback loop in their communication cycle, which is forced by the curiosity of humans and manifests itself for them in a higher self-perception: Reflection. If the signals are closely oriented to the human's sensation, a deeper self-awareness can be achieved through feedback.


Communication from human to machine

Level: Focus

Humans and quadrocopters have motion in the plane in common. Humans achieve the change in the location of their own body by shifting their center of gravity. Shifting the center of gravity is not a learned cultural technique and is therefore very close to his core. If he balances his center of gravity to the outer limits of his location, the quadrocopter reacts and leaves its location according to the movement.

Altitude: Gesture

The quadrocopter, unlike humans, can overcome its gravity. Humans can only overcome their gravity for a short time by jumping, unlike the quadrocopter. This is where man and machine differ. There is no suitable interface. So for communication, a cultural technique must be applied: gesture. The hands as part of the body can overcome gravity. Depending on the height of the hands in relation to the shoulder line, the machine equally changes its vertical position. If the arms lose their tension entirely, so that they hang to the side of the body, the machine leaves the airspace and lands.

Communication from machine to human

Humans can observe the machine in flight with their eyes and thus follow its trajectory. The machine is not able to influence the human in any other way. The flow of information from machine to human is poor compared to the opposite direction.


If it were possible to deepen the communication from machine to man, man would also be possessed by the machine. So, in a sense, by himself: Unconditional reflection.