Unterwegs mit dem Wanderkino

Documentary film · 2018

Screen installed. Projector started.

People are swarming to the field. 8 p.m.: The screening can begin. The travelling cinema is visiting the south of Burkina Faso.

The fascination of the moving image - in Germany, the travelling cinema has long been degenerate into a nostalgia. People are mobile, have the luxury of time and money to be entertained. In Burkina Faso, things are still different.

Unterwegs mit dem Wanderkino is a personal road movie with a first-person narrator. Three protagonists, three versions with three different speakers in three different languages: German (Julius), French (Georges), Mooré (Nadége).


One film - three versions. When I make a film about or in an African country, as a European I always look at the respective country with a European-centric view.

Unterwegs mit dem Wanderkino should at least partially break this up - even a text intended to be neutral is perceived in a biased way. The film consciously plays with this subjectivity. The selection of images, the editing, and the storytelling - all of it was preordained, and my European perspective shapes the film as well.

The visuals are the same in all three versions, but the narrators offer their subjective perspectives on the journey. Naré Nadège Delwendé's narration in Mouré examines her homeland Burkina Faso. Georges le Roi Tekou from Cameroon provides his personal perspective on the journey in French. The German version reflects my own European point of view.

These diverse versions aim to prompt reflection and reveal the subjectivity behind alleged neutrality.