Blue Box on Air

Commercial film series for ETAS · 2020

What's in the box?

Sometimes floating, sometimes standing, sometimes in the upper right corner. This project consists of twelve films with different themes, each with its own style. A format for the internal communication of ETAS.

From graphic novel to interview, from animated to real. From concept to execution to post-production. Everything from our own hand.


Digitization divided into three different chapters about the past, present and future of ETAS. What has happened since the company was founded and what might the future of work look like?

Our clip takes place in three time levels that differ in aspect ratio.

Bosch Cyber Defence Center

What happens when there is a security hole in a Bosch product or a hacker attack on the ETAS corporate network?
The BCDC team fights back, in the manner of a superhero.

Using the two levels of our comic video, we explain the methods used to trace the threat of Dr. Evil and render it harmless for all time to come.

Digital Software Delivery

You want to install a software, but the CD must be sent to you by mail first. Cringe!
What is better? Downloading from a website, of course!

What sounds very trivial can be very complicated to implement for a large company. In this clip, several years of development become a continuous tracking shot over 3 minutes. From problem to solution with minimalistic sets representing the milestones of ETAS Digital Software Delivery.

The easy Way

Since most data leaks and security breaches are caused by user carelessness, awareness is the key factor to prevent fraud and hacking attacks.

Do not choose the easy way of convenient tools and supposedly simple solutions. Look for the safe detour through the labyrinth, which, like Pac-Man, is full of dangers.