Mother of Freedom

Documentary film · 2020

EU is Nobel Peace Prize winner - Europe is mother of freedom. But for many refugees, Europe is just an empty promise.

Parwana Amiri and Arash Hampay do not want to accept the difficult circumstances in Greece - they fight for their rights and their dignity. Arash Hampay - 34 years, fled from the Iranian regime.

Parwana Amiri - 17 years, from Afghanistan - lives with her family in Camp Ritsona and fights with her group 'Youth Refugee Movement' for the right to education.

Arash Hampay

Arash founded the NGO "Our house". A community house in Athens for everyone - hot food, legal advice, hairdresser, café.

Because of his commitment, a Greek politician called him a monkey who should disappear back to his home country - after the scandal, the politician had to resign.

I can't sleep. When I go out, I get psycho and I'm already depressed.

Parwana Amiri

In Afghanistan, Europe was the mother of freedom for us,

says Parwana. Her first stop in Europe was Moria:

But the way they treat refugees, it has lost that meaning

Parwana and her family have been moved to the Ritsona camp on the Greek mainland, but not much has improved. Children there are denied access to school, and camp residents receive little education about the Corona pandemic and how to properly protect themselves from it. Parwana is taking all of this into its own hands.


Parwana's camp, like many camps in Greece, has been placed under temporary quarantine during the Corona Pandemic.

In order to still be able to capture footage, we decided to give the girls at the camp the necessary knowledge and hand over the technology temporarily. In this way, they tell their very own stories, which give us an insight into life in the camp.

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Jury Award "Europe on film" - Federal Foreign Office
Screening Goethe Institute Worldwide
Screening Landshut Short Film Festival
Screening Paris Festival
MOP Festival Radio Max Ophüls Film Festival


A film as strong as its protagonists. Great rhythm, captivating clarity. Images that bring me very close to the people in the consumed media noise. Creating more familiar than foreign. Bringing closeness through connection instead of reproach.

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